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As some of you may be aware, the parking lot vendor at concerts has become big business. As a result of this and of the new attitudes of some lawmakers, many venues are charging vendors $1,000.00 or more  a license. If a vendor is caught selling without paying the license they are fined up to $5,000.00. Now, we just  wanted to sell enough to buy a ticket. (Though these days that may be almost as much as as vendor’s license.) So the parking lot people are heading other venues. This is one. Susie promises she’ll have some pictures up of her stuff. There are some of Sunflower’s here and if any others want to get in on it let me know.


Peruse the photos. All pieces are handmade. Pricing is determined by the cost of the materials.


Have an old hemp necklace that needs revjuenating? Perhaps there are some beads you’d like put into something. Contact me with your sizing information.


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