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Other People and Places

Here are friends, banner exchanges, and places you may be interested in.  If you would like to exchange banners, send us a link to your site and if it seems to like a good match - we’ll put it up.


Scent Links

Like different scents? Need an incense holder? Here are some links to various sites that may have what you are looking for.

Valhalla Soap Company - offers an extraordinary assortment of soaps. Home business run by a pair of really nice people.

Gypsy Rose - incense burners, throws, all sorts of neat stuff

Book Links

Mainly used book sellers. I have dealt personally with most of these people and have only put up those with whom I have had good experiences.

Textile Links

 Different styles than the work on this site. If we don’t have what you are looking for, check these people out.

Windwalker Moccasins - great handmade boots and sandals

Other Cool Things

Everything else

Vidal of Key West - Key West Event planner including weddings, commitment ceremonies, formal or casual. He is an excellent photographer specializing in portraits and group shots. A Key West local who knows everything there is to know about making any event look great and run smoothly.

Joy of Conversation - We’ve come up with a way for people who, like us, consider imaginative, intelligent conversation to be great entertainment, to hook up together.

Skywalker’s Store - Everyone and their dog has a website. This one is for Eskie lovers

Unleash the Dogs of War! - Some of Mambo del Velluto's and Zeta Thompson's work on t-shirts


Valhalla Project - Examples are Here!

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