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Most things here are one of a kind or are made to order. So if you need it tomorrow I suggest you check our links page - if you need something unique, please check out the pages.

The Gallery only pages are examples of work done by various people. Right now there is only my own and Zeta Thompson's costume and quilt work. As other textile artists send in examples of their work, they will recieve their own display pages. Feel free to contact any of the artists via their e-mail link or through mine.

All clothes, quilts and afghans are presently available (unless someone beat you on a click). I may mark it as sold out if I am planning on making another.   Of course if you need something in another size or color please contact us and we will work out what is needed via e-mail.


 Hand crocheted belts. These belts are handmade with 100% nylon cord. They average 60 inches long which leaves you plenty of room for tying.  If you need a different length - please contact me with your sizing requirements and I will let you know if there are any pricing changes

COMING SOON: Purses, backpacks, and Guitar Straps (we hope)


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