Valhalla Mud

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Valhalla Mud Engine (VME)

The (VME) Valhalla Mud Engine is one of the most sophisticated mud servers available on the Internet today. It provides ease of setup, maximum ability to configure, and the most powerful interpretive language available.

VME is now released to the public for sale from the original writers of what is considered the the most popular mud base on the internet, DIKU MUD.

VME is not a DIKU clone, it has far evolved above any other mud available today.

The VME business license can now allow you to make money from your time and efforts that you invest into making your mud the best on the net. As most people know, DIKU forbids the use of its product or derivatives for financial gain. With the business license you are free of this codicil.

Contact information United States: Blinksoft Consulting 4023 Chaderton Ct Duluth, GA 30096 Email: