he labyrinth which you find yourself trapped in is dark. It's impossible to tell the different pathways from each other, and all attempts to retrace your own steps have failed. You are hopelessly lost...

... but... is that a faint glow in the distance? You haven't noticed that light before, perhaps it leads to the outside! Your heart leaps as you quickly stride toward its source, your mind so focused on the distant light that you fail to notice the claw marks and patches of scorched blackness on the surrounding walls.

inally you find yourself in a large cave, and at last you see the source of the light, the flaming maw of a dragon! You try to flee, but panic seizes you, and your feet freeze in there tracks. In what seems like an eternity to your racing mind, the dragon lowers its massive and scaly head and crushes you in its powerful jaws!

ou fall into the arms of a tall powerful woman, dressed in a sparkling suit of full armour, and wearing her long hair in twin braids down her back. She cradles you in her arms like you were a child and whispers, "Fear not, warrior. I am a Valkyrie, sent by the gods to take you to..."

The books of history are not yet closed, Adventurer...
Make the journey now to VALHALLA!

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