NPCs are called Mobs, short for mobiles because they move. Notele - Non teleport area or room. Exp or XP - leveling through killing mobs.
Local points
Ud Square or Ud - Village Square in Udgaard. Market Square - Market square in Midgaard. Crossroads - crossroads east of Midgaard. Udg - Under the forest in the Nether Realms

Newbie Information

So where do you go, how do you get there, heck how do you move? We would never leave you stranded in the centre of a town; buck naked and helpless, so here are some answers.

Starting Out

You start out in the temple in Udgaard with some very basic equipment, usually leather armor, a medallion of Odin, a basic weapon and a shield. This should be good enough for most classes to get through the first couple of levels, especially if you do the tour. To start the tour type 'say help me newbie guide' (without the single quotes) and a guide will appear. You can also type 'look sign' in the temple to remind yourself what to type. The tour will teach you basic mud commands, give you some experience and best of all teach you a little about moving around the town of Udgaard.

What Now

So you have finished the tour or at least know how to move and talk. What should you do? Valhalla is a magical place in that not everyone plays the same way. Some level and exp., others find more fullfilment in questing, roleplaying or even player killing. The important thing at this stage is to start to develop you character in the way that best suits how you want to play. The best way to do this is to talk to other players.


Maybe you decided to go hone your skills and learn some new ones, The guild is the place to do that. To get to your guild, look at your Medallion. There are instructions on to find your guild easily the first time. Make certain you are in the starting town of Udgaard or another guild Then follow the instructions. This will stop working at level 16 so you should spend some time exploring the guild and around it so that you know how to get there and back to a central area. Typing info at a teacher will list the specific skills and abilites they teach or the weapon categories or the spell spheres. At a weapon's teach you can type info category name to see the weapons for example Info cat sword will list all of the sword and swordlike weapons a teacher can train you in. Info detection will list all the detection spells a spell teacher can teach you.

Leveling Up

With more levels come more rewards, skills, equipment you can wear and spells. You gain levels through experience and you gain experience through quests and killing mobiles. Death comes often but rarely permanently to denizens of this world. However there is loss of experience for each death. So do not seek it, but do not be surprised if it finds you. Start in the forest to the west of Udgaard Check the one to the east, then broaden your horizons. Also look for special online quests and events.


Start in the forest to the west of Udgaard, but look out for wolves and wargs they are rough on a newer character. Look for the halfling village. Check the forest to the east, go find Midgaard, explore that town and the king's road or the moor to the north. If you are a Ranger type, or a Druid, look around Nymgaard. Maybe the Talon forest or if you are a bit bigger the mushroom forest. It is a big world!